What We Do

Southern AgCredit offers a variety of flexible loan programs to meet all of your rural financing needs. Types of loans include loans for purchasing or refinancing real estate, building improvements, operating capital, agribusinesses, livestock and equipment. Each loan is tailored to the individual needs of the operation or piece of land being financed.

At Southern AgCredit we offer numerous interest rate programs designed to meet our customers’ specific needs. Features include:

  • Expert Lenders can guide the process
  • No Application Fee
  • Fixed Interest Rates
  • Variable Interest Rates
  • Low Closing Costs
  • No Fee Lock-in Option
  • Repayment Plans up to 30 Years

Who We Serve

In general, any person or legal entity that owns or is purchasing rural real estate or has an agricultural operation is eligible to apply for a loan. Loan approval and terms are subject to the creditworthiness of the applicant.

Full-Time Farmers and Ranchers

Loans can be made for all agricultural, forestry and family needs plus non-agricultural needs.

Rural Landowners, Landlords and Part-Time Farmers and Ranchers – Loans can be made for all agricultural, forestry and family needs; however, loan for non-agricultural purposes are limited.

Part-Time Farmers

Looking to develop or expand your part-time or hobby farm?We have a program for you. Even though it may not be your primary career, we know that farming part-time is important to your way of life. For the individual who owns agricultural land or produces agricultural products on a part-time basis, Farm Credit can lend for all agricultural and family needs. We may also be able to provide for your non-agricultural needs dependent upon your level of farm involvement.

Our specialized staff will walk you through the convenient process of securing a loan for a variety of part-time and hobby farming needs:

  • Pole Barns
  • Livestock Structures
  • Building Improvements
  • Land
  • Fencing
  • Livestock
  • Utility Vehicles or Small Tractors
  • Equipment
  • Home Construction

Recreational Property Owners

Loans can be made to purchase, refinance or improve agricultural or timberland property that also may be used for recreation, such as hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding and more.


Loans can be made to businesses that process or market agricultural products; financing limits are based on the amount of the business’s total income from farm-related services.

Rural Homeowners

Loans can be made for the purchase, refinance, construction or improvement of single-family dwellings in the country, or for the purchase and improvement of rural homesites.

If you have questions about a specific situation, please contact a lender at the branch office nearest you.